Tips that my dog ​​does not always barks at other dogs

I have a 1! / 2 year-old bitch. Unfortunately, she barks at our Spatziergängen to always other dogs. It does so from uncertainty. She is not aggressive when the dog gets closer she pulls a tail and wants to flee. In humans, they do not bark and dogs she knows not only with strangers. Since I have read a lot about dog training I have already tried a lot. I usually ignore them and try to behave not to reward her with gain. Deflecting also does not work, because as soon as she saw the other dog is all over what I tell her or want to say. Aja I am neither tense or anxious I always try to cool and to stay relaxed.

Do you know any advice?

Thanks in advance.

The best answer

Hello Liebesengel93, this is actually quite easy to get away ;-) The reason is not your dog, but the other end on a leash .... namely you ;-) Let me briefly explain: Usually, all the dogs run firstonce as puppy relatively normal on a leash, without barking, etc. There comes the situation where your dog another not so fit and your dog is barking. Your dog reacts and barks back. Now comes the mistake ... you pull your dog back on a leash, will inwardly nervous and possibly a bit noisy. For your dog is clear now, stranger dog .... with plenty of facilities. So far so good, now the other errors of the dog owners get: Next Gassi round a dog comes to meet. What are you doing (and do almost all holders) take the stranger dog (even unconsciously) into view and are inwardly slightly nervous with the thought ... ohhjeee hopefully it does not reflect stress. Your dog in the expectation that he "learned" has is to "strange dog might be stress" set. Through your "fix" on the strange dog and its owner and your inner tension your favorite signaled "Attention danger" and you're the barking and pulling on the leash los.Wie is now the solution? Basically for the next few weeks to each Gassi round a few small mini treats this haben.Vorgehensweise: you go with your dog for a walk, now and then you direct "look here" him with example and are implying somewhere to the edge where it goes.. Here you can sniff him something ... and give him a little reward but only if this in the eyes looks you "fix" (Läckerlie last as long until he looks you deep in the eyes, and not just 1 sec - ). Then she goes on, it will stay standing times and say "sit" when your dog sits obediently, you give him a treat again with eye fixation! This you do a few days in a quiet area where you meet kommt.Beim Stroll what if a dog comes to meet any possible dog after a few days you do the following: 1. in no case all the other dogs and owners but absolutely ignore (even if the other holders it will possibly weird). 2 Immediately when you dog and therefore holders notice you direct your favorite with the learned from, so you tell him where to sniff when he's distracted give a small Leckerlie with fixing. If the other dog over and your dog was well behaved, one more treat geben.Das important is really to ignore the other !!! and your treasure distract. However, this bruacht some time, expects a good 3 weeks. Please always vorgehen.Sollte your dog still barking at the other want to or because, for example, the other dog has never ceased barking and the situation aufschauckel, then do the following:. Stand in front of your dog with his back to the oncoming dog, so you have to watch your , (Because he really wants to protect you, so you have to indicate you do not need), Let's make it fit, pinch pressing quite facilitated on the rear back so that it makes sitting and versperr his vision to the other dog is over. Thereafter normal move on without comment and repeat Fixierübungen. What you need is patience, but you will certainly be rewarded! Later since it so far that you have to ignore only other dogs and owners and your dog runs past without barking. After a few months you should even the other holders can be welcomed as you yourself become more secure and no longer signals aussendest.Aber always remember The problem is usually at the other end of the leash ;-) Practice necessarily ignore ;-) Love greetings

Support of a good dog trainer who has the ability to exercise control with many different strange dogs with you.

Not so much because I believe that you make serious mistakes but because it's just incredibly difficult to actually practice when the other dog owners is not to influence, in a hurry and go away or, even worse, his lord ennen leaves when you progress grade.

If a coach enough helpers available has you can really controlled practice repeatedly make enough right experiences with different dogs until you can that the uncertainty is removed and your dog can also be applied to very strange dogs.

The problem I have with my dog ​​also.

But my barks not only on the road but also in the house when he sees outside pass from inside a dog ..

I guess because you can do nothing except make him give perhaps in a dog school. We also tried a lot and it will be better if we let the now so easy and but scold him when he barks in the hope that it brings what :)

LG Rosablume135

Is it on a leash?

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