To all girls (flirt) ^^

I am male and 16 years old and had to jz no girlfriend. That although contact with the girl but I know the very long. I wanted to ask how I generally speaking you girls at? And as I ask if she wants to be zsm with me? thank you

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So I have a friend ....

He said:

I like you a lot ehm you know ...

I have a question if you want me zsm be ... my love is to have too great to you but as buddy ....

I love you!

Simply courage prove and drain not gruesome opening lines Be confident but not arrogant, give her the feeling that you want to know everything about it The world needs again bit more gentlemen

We want to be conquered! :) And with charming compliments and not with brazen Anmachsprüchen. Shows interest for us, our hobbies possibly also our problems. Power not macho, which is very bad. Shows that ye also have feelings and a heart;) And please, please think with your head, not below the belt (I know, is not at all as I say it merely). Then, when you get along well with a girl, she asks for a date, so if they want to do with you what and not just "you want to be my friend."

yes exactly I want to know acuh

I, too, so I'll give an answer that I find the question tomorrow easier if answers are here

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