I have 12 un usually until quarter past three school and until I'm at home, it is already determined three forty-five. Nevertheless, I would like mega like a dog have because I love dogs about everything and my girlfriend got a dog also recently and I just want to keep him because he is sooo cute - because you have to walk with dogs three times a day I do not know how to do it. How do you do this? My parents can not with the morning to school come to the dog then subsequently bringing back. Since I have sports after school always except Wednesday I could with him if I hurry for lunch and dinner. But should I buy a dog? Or rather not? What do you think??

Thanks in advance ♡

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A dog needs every day to walk at least once, the legs verteten etc. can not go if you in the morning before school, the dog should at least before the door and "pee" can. Requirement is therefore a yard or garden. Not later than four o'clock the dog should then go out definitely. to go 3 times a day for a walk with the dog is naturally very ambitious but the way you describe your daily routine, the purchase of a dog is not a good idea. I do not recommend it, because a dog is thinking more work than you. Go Walking comes naturally nor the feeding, playing and vet visits. Since you yourself are already unsure whether you have a dog, you should again reject the idea. Visits to your girlfriend or a part-time job as a dog walker would conceivable alternatives.

But should I buy a dog? Or rather not?

with your 12 years, you can make buying a dog that would do your parents.

Your parents would pay for all costs, dog ownership is expensive!

Insurance, dog tax, food, kennel (holiday period), accessories, vet (can sometimes cost up to 2000 EUR, z. B. OP in case of accident or illness of the dog) dog school etc ... So it is very expensive a dog to entertain.

A dog lives 10-18 years and one must be able, a dog, a dog elves long, to be every day needs.

Time You also do not have enough. A dog can not stay so many hours alone and has several times daily. Extensively employed and managed gassi, whether it storms or snows!

Moreover, the interests, obligations and friends of you and your big sister will surely change in the coming years, so that then there will be no interest, no time and no desire for the dog there!

Sorry but that is not at all. It's not just drum 3 times a day with the dog to go out.

The dog is very expensive for the vet, feed etc, need family contact, makes a lot of dirt and takes a lot of time for education and employment. Otherwise he is just one of many uneducated, un-utilized annoying yapping Toelen the unhappy languishing.

A dog is not süüüüß which is a complex highly social and intelligent predator wants to be kept appropriately.

Pick a dog for walking of dogs, for example, of older people in the vicinity. If you multiply the durchhälst a few years daily in all weathers, your life for 12-15 Jahreplanan can (apartment, studying), enough money deserve and still want a dog you can seriously consider it.

Are the your parents between this time at home, or at least a few hours? Otherwise I would advise against it, to bring you a dog. I own three dogs and they need time, affection, attention, and every few hours spout. If you do can not offer him, let it be the best, especially in the first few weeks you should not leave him alone for so long, and certainly not a puppy. But if you find dogs or animals in general so much love and sweet, could you but voluntarily in the next shelter them useful.

So. If you have a puppy like. You'd have to think sometimes wait up to the summer holidays, because need in these first weeks of the dog a lot of attention, care, education and spout. Since they have to get out almost every hour in time. During this time you learn him housebroken.

For me it is. I'm gone from 6:30 am to about 16 am. I'm having breakfast with my, then when I'm back to night 2 to three times.

This is matter of habit. If your dog is accustomed to be a long time alone, then he can then make it when you go out. But it is precisely the first weeks and months are very important. Therefore, just talk to your parents if they can not support you. :-)

It is not just about the outlet of the dog, but also to the cost. In addition, a dog should not be too long alone. That you discuss best times with your parents.

You love dogs? Then let me. A dog can stay maximum 4 hours alone and needs in 15 years from now and affection jmd is there for him. Then you will but have a 40 hour job.

For the animal that would be a disgrace.

If you love it wirklcih, then forgo a dog and überleg it to you again as soon as you have time and money wirklcih.

In addition, you can buy not make yourself.

Strike you that from the head. You see only the "sweet" and "cuddly" properties, but not that a dog needs a lot of attention, employment, education, and so on. The dog could be naughty, make things broken, make damn aushaaren. He does not always remain a puppy and is up to 16 years old. There are also unpleasant duties such as picking up feces. I was aware of all this before we got us a (which we did, of course, above all love).

I do not know you though, but I'm pretty sure that you were so totally overwhelmed.

But perhaps you yourself can console themselves that your friend has one, and were seeing her often. I had about any possibilities to dog contact at that age. (Except for the lazy, dull dog my grandma :)

With 12 you may take itself still garkeinen dog buy. Something needs time. A dog is a pack animal and can not just sit several hours every day alone, and if it is to be alone MAL needs this also exercise, you can not just let a puppy so at home, for it then goes nähmlich the world below.

You have far too little time for a beginning you find him yet sweet and after calming time you've got to go get tired out with him ....

Depends on the dog I have a pitpull ︝sehr hyperactive I do everything for my dog ​​I get for my dog ​​at 5:30 to make me ready go with him for a walk 1:30 hours then I go directly to the school and I am the same home'm out again that's very stressful you would not do it!

You buy yourself nix, you are a child ..

3 is the absolute mininum and are not few minutes you get have. There is min. 1 H.

will only times more mature, a dog is not a stuffed animal or toy.


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