To all users who are so ?!

I'm very rich, and have even formulated something wrong, then come right so answers like: Selbstverliebt, tusse, you're so conceited as you talk about your girlfriend .. You do not know me, I am very nice and helpful, my parents donations to the poor and offended her. Something is not that I have something wrong formulated I'm sorry, but Nobodys Perfect and you guessed sometimes made mistakes .. And now ask the question what can you such brainless people answers?

The best answer

simply'd ignore 'I say :) I mean like you said, they do not know you so, because the kanns indeed be pupsegal what they think of you: P

Maybe you should write differently. Not to say that you are rich. Hold rain more. If you always herschleppt like a flag in front of him, the other gets on my nerves. You're making so important and sonderst characterized from. No one can hold a candle to you as more. Then you avoid such people.

If I understand correctly are your parents rich, not you, and You stress the richness repeatedly, so in this question does not particularly sympathetic, more modest and your error would not be so in the foreground rücken.Nichts are nevertheless insults well as unacceptable, but also you insult brainless with the term, which is not much better than what you complain here!

What upset you so on that? but what others say does not matter.

You are rich? Nice for you that your parents have enough money.

But true wealth is intelligence, education, love and experience. The money can not buy unfortunately. Example, there is such a family on television - have a lot of money and yet I envy not

Say the weakness right, the strake forgiving and wise ignored: D

Tell me the same: "I can no candle to!"

First is very rich Ansichtssache And these nobodys Perfect ie gets on my balls but I am not exactly arm and me greets the addition that I look incredibly good (healthy dash of sarcasm) envy

that's so. simply ignore

Maybe you should not call the people Hirnlos, just so a little tip ...

What can be a brainless answers of all his wealth Rumpralt?


How come? What you have to prove such anonymous envious? Before that you do not justify yourself. Only costs time and nerves.

Ignore it easy. That's exactly why you can not boast of wealth. Ifs ever true. Is halt many envious.

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