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Hello, How do you see the opportunities in the near future to become a pilot (5-7 years) ?? Do you think that it is becoming easier as more people fly or heavier because more and more people interested in this work? And if one wants to apply where where it would be best? I know that the Lufthansa prepaid the cost ... is that even with other airlines such as. British Airways or Emirates so? Thank you :)

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the crystal ball is a bit clouded. But the fact is that the LH system has something comparable only when SWISS.

Everywhere else you're going the money if it does not work with the training or you may not be offered work. LH is no alternative for the coming years, as will be occupied by the Group Umstruktuierungen no points (neither when nor flying ground staff) and even the current student pilots get no employment.

But, it is indeed you free - and should not be a problem - to make available on the Internet at various airlines clever. Who or what prevents you, to get at the people information that have to do with pilot candidates? Do you know better than the experts here at GF?

Nobody knows that. We can not light to see what is in 7 years all.

..and with LH is snow from yesterday. At least according to the current state of affairs.

The question of the opportunity for the pilot profession has been in the last 2 years provided Feels 1000x and answered. Just use the search function. The experts here have no desire to write the same every day!

Who should already know? The know neither the planning staff of airlines or aircraft manufacturers, and certainly not the "experts" here at Good question whose expertise is based on occasional air travel to Malle. Who would be able to create reliable forecasts here who would be a man in demand at all airlines and could earn millions with his knowledge. In this respect your question is obsolete.

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