To celebrate birthday? Some questions:)

Hey, I want in 2 weeks nachfeiern my birthday (17th) and so I normally do not really celebrated (international), I do not know quite how: D 1. what can you do? 2. How many guests? 3. I'm new towed, I can just as people from school without ever invite what mowed with whom personally have? 4. else something important: D

Oh, alcohol may already give)

The best answer

Go with your guests away climbing park, Lasertec, beach volleyball, bowling or you stay at home and eat / drink together. A theme party is highly recommended, with optional trim. (Examples of Motttos: proverb, pajamas, come as you are)

Not more than 10 people, but that also depends on how large your home is and how much you want to clean up later.

Attempt to ensure at the guests choices that you know the people, the people of people or are known ,. you trust (friends and friends are usually okay)

One last tip: Experiments in no way to push through any pre-schedule, a celebration should always be as free as possible. You should also have the alcohol consumption of your guests in mind

Hope that helps and a nice birthday

lg Hawky

Charging only the people one you know well. If you has how many there are, yes you can buy the corresponding drinks. A little more is not bad. Nibbling stuff is never wrong. Pizza you can do by yourself. Preparing and then at the appropriate time in the oven.

You can invite and celebrate any way you like.

  • You could have a party with music and cold buffet
  • Or E is a fancy dress party
  • Or a cookout
  • Makeup Party
  • kocjparty
  • Back Party
  • bake pizza
  • panel Party
  • Etc

Good succeed :-)

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