To cheat on? Friend wants an affair?

Hello everybody,

I've been three years in a relationship and live together with my friend for two years. During this period, we experienced beautiful moments, but also less beautiful as a miscarriage, unemployment, financial difficulties, thereby resulting depression and conflicts that have now subsided by the change in the financial situation. I thought that the whole events were very welded together.

I had downloaded an app, just for fun. This app represents a psychological test for couples who created by answering several questions a result. I made him first and let my partner to fill out. In retrospect, I saw the function of being able to view his answers. When asked: "Would you cheat your partner?" He answered with the variant: "Not yet, but the idea excites me already.". Since I am flabbergasted and am still shocked by the answer because I never expected such an attitude. I told him that I am very angry and disappointed. I also said that I will adapt to his attitude and reconsider my views on loyalty and change so as not to miss out. Am I overreacting? If this is a sure sign of a possible infidelity? Bin verplext and totally sad ...

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To a sincere relationship takes two:

  • One who is telling the truth (before he "caught" is)
  • One who accepts the truth (and not punished)
  • In the ways have you BOTH need to catch up.
  • He would have quite a bit earlier able to comment on the subject of sexual faithfulness and his attitude, You could accept it without attacking him for it.

Frankly I would react and I think it's from you normal that you react so because no one would want something like: / he meant it really serious or fun like this? Incidentally, as is the app?

Just because something might appeal to me, that does not long that I do it. I could but also quite - not least, perhaps out of consideration for the feelings of my partner - it me renounce this pleasure to indulge.

And so you risk a partnership that has already mastered such cliffs and even successful and yet '' not to be neglected 'the to all abundance also'? Honestly, I'm totally over it '' verplext '', so I've even taken three days to ponder what might advise you yet. Maybe you think times about what probably the larger '' proof of love '' would be to give up something, the partner to love although one could already fallen or not to do something because it already can not irritate a.

You should firstly such a psychological test not as the wisdom consider last closing and secondly, the response of your friend to therein asked question among others, "Not yet. But the idea excites me already!" says nothing and ergo you have actually decided overreacted. Your friend might just hot sex games dream with a black or with an Eskimo girl, and it would be otherwise. Ergo You would in future also very good advice, if you can not deal confidently with these things, to avoid such a test pages also.

I think for him is a relationship for most men: a place where mom cooks, does laundry, ironing, cleaning up, wipes, ...

`The main thing one has its nest and is completely furnished. And if time is an opportunity, I would get into bed with another! '

This is not a relationship! You should that again carefully about whether you want to be with such a man old, for you are only an option and you can correct times in the corner if needed up!

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