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Hello. I have an 8 - year old lady dog. It is quite thick and can only pull up the mountain, I'm afraid of losing it. What can I do that it decreases? You do not want to run (it must nevertheless).

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A dog can only eat what is given to him, so he is getting fed fat. There is no excuse, even well-intentioned Treats harm the dog and do him more evil than good.

Go first to the vet and let them through check how it looks health. Then the diet plans coordinates it with the vet. But instead of giving expensive fiber diet reduces the feed considerably to about 1/4 to go when the veterinarian has no express concerns.

All treats and Nebenherfutter, Greasy and Sweet omit. If they can extremely begs offer her Karrotenstücke as treats and not chopped into the lining so give the "fullness amount" is larger.

If your parents are eager to give out something obvious mete another third from the lining of the daily ration morgends from and does it in an extra bowl UDN feeds out of hand, then they can give what does not additionally draufkommt.

Then you can slowly and carefully veruchen the movement to increase slightly. For fast crash diets are not healthy, too much extreme movement beu overweight makes the dog's joints completely broken, even faster than they break now.

Swimming would be ideal if she does that and you have a pond or something close.

What food they get for and how much? Treats needs of the dog nor otherwise you just take something from normal food away and gives as leckerli ... How about agility or so? You just have to motivate finds it not intended to be beautiful so fat the dog ...

The nuts and bolts in the healthy loss is a healthy diet.

Please check that you procure a food in which no grains and no sugar and so low in carbohydrates (rice, corn, soybeans, potatoes, pasta) are in there as possible.

At best, you put the dog on Barf to ( ).

And then you can even begin aml with 2% of body weight as a feed lot. The dog should then get some more exercise daily. Would there even half an hour hang.

If that's enough niciht, then possibly go to 1.75% or 1.5% down. This should take effect at the latest. But should not be maintained permanently, because otherwise, a nutrient deficiency occur.

Most switching to Kohlehydratfreies fodder + some more movement already sufficient but.

If you have the opportunity to go with her in a swimming pool or in the summer at a lake that would be optimal, because that protects the joints immensely senn it moves in the water.

The evil DU DU DU came already. Nevertheless, again from me. Something you should not even have come so far, because the joints affected by industrial obesity.

as with any Lerbewesen when man more food to be taking Mobile Traffic Solutions can be consumed fat.

Thus, either less or more fodder calorie consumption, or both.

With careful movement when it is already extreme, the overweight. Better head work .- consumes tidy and makes no joints broken. Schweimmemn would auich great - just not in the cold.

Feed portion reduced by 1/3.

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