To social security Maid service - which comes up to me?

Hi, we are currently looking for a domestic help (once a week for 2-3 hours). Did it actually meant a Minijobberin. Now we have contact with someone who is subject to social insurance, would thus not work on mini-job basis. I now have already read what that means with registration at health insurance etc. However, the person has several employers, and for that I have found little information on the net. How then running when enrolling for health insurance etc, and what additional amount per month must I expected, with a monthly salary of 150 - € 200? Thanks for your help!

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In an SV-duty employment relationship such as this you can roughly expect about gross wage + 50%. Can eg here calculate git:

It should be noted that here - when the AN already exerts an SV-paid principal activity - no charge for the ALV is due. however you have to create and electronically report monthly registration for Lohnstsuer. This is free (but unfortunately not without overtime Deinerseits) through the ELSTER portal. You need to a certificate (eg ,. that with which you einrecihst your tax return) and then put in ELSTER portal in the wage tax registered for income tax DERS ON, so you do not have to type every month the data again.

You write that the monthly charge 150 - shall be 200 euros, but they will not act as Minijobberin. I do not understand so completely because with 150-200 euros a month they would be Minijobberin. I understand this correctly now that she has a day job and is in this social insurance, besides still makes budgetary help you? Then she would be with you, assuming it is their first outside activity, yet Minijobberin since the first in time captured Minijob not the main activity is aggregated. Wähst you in this case, the household check process and dispense the temp on the pension obligation in this mini-job, you pay a flat rate per 5% health insurance and pension contributions, 1.6% accident insurance, a total of 0.31% allocations for sick pay and 2% flat-rate tax temporary help nix.

Information and computing here:\_Home/03\_mj\_in\_privathaushalten/node.html

Had she actually insurance in the temporary job with you, would, as already mentioned, to you about 20% of donations to, as the temporary help.

the AG has a normal MiniJobber pay 30% of the miners, with a sv-duty AN only about 20% - that would be even better for the AG ...

However apply to private MiniJobber other numbers (approximately 12%) - here you can count how much would the charges: \_service\_rechte\_navigation/Tools/Haushaltsscheckrechner/Formular2015/InhaltsNav.html

you can practice (up to max. € 450) in addition to a sv-paid job only 1 exempted Minijob, all other jobs have to be added to the main occupation, that is, they must pay taxes on the job with tax class 6. For you as AG, this means that you have to pay normal contributions to the health insurance, as I said about 20%.

The problem I see however, is that you have to create a payroll, submit a tax return and pay .... ie you have to give the whole thing an accountant and have then also again cost ...

So you überleg the good! I think you are going with a "normal" MiniJobber better - and here it should be possible to cope "bureaucratic" part itself. Simply call the Mini Job Centre and you can help.

to provide budgetary support to social insurance will be cheaper than a public insurance mini-jobbers. Roughly you can expect as a non-wage costs of 20% of the gross amount, plus statutory. Accident insurance.

This person seems to be self-employed.

because as you write:

...... However, the person has several employers,

therefore they can not perform any more MInjobtätigkeit.

since then the income from all activities would all added. And more than 2 mini-jobs does not go like that.

Thus it is the guests' responsibility their taxes and paying social security contributions. It provides you their services in accounting and you pay these bills.

Do not forget to create a contract and their gross wage carry and that they and their taxes. Social security contributions on their own responsibility is.

And good for you.

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