to uglies translation text from the English book greenline 5

I desperately need a translation to the text uglies from the English book greenline 5 I looked after translations but no useful found ... it would be nice if someone could help me further

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I recommend for the vocabulary, the vocabulary from the book and a good (online) dictionary, eg, for grammar and - the motto Learning by doing - and stay away from evil Google setter and his tr.tteligen gentlemen

Otherwise, I know the way that one a / n classmates / in or / n schoolmate / in asks for help, then / does the same with her his homework together or learning. That does not always more fun than alone!

Or forming study groups, where you help each other and support; sometimes also 'interdisciplinary', so as 'Math Aces', 'English-Assen' in math helping hand and vice versa.


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