to understand a spayed female dog with a male?

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Hi, basically to dogs tolerated regardless of gender, as long as they have socialized wurden- say know the behavior of other dogs. then talk it were doglike. Nevertheless, there are always times dogs can not smell, as it is the humans. Something frequent this occurs among same-sex dogs, neither frequent if the animals are not castrated because then the competition is greatest. Therefore you can see that from the theory the cards ever are quite good, it is easy to try on neutral ground already. In our experience, in addition to gender, especially the age and temperament of a dog plays a role. The closer is both together, the better usually. But again, exceptions prove the rule. If the atmosphere is as relaxed as possible, everything is possible ... ;-) Good luck !!

This question can not generally be answered with yes or no one.

Dogs are as sometimes such people, it entsccheidet sympathy.

What one can say in general is that most neutered dogs are more compatible than castrated because the sex hormones do not come into play with dog encounters. but not always true.


for me there is no reason to imagine why the two can not understand. Castration or not.



Do not, however, can. Depends on the dogs.

My rude finds all dogs (up to a few little elect) goofy.

when both dogs but otherwise also are more friendly and not running amok at a dog stand encounter chances are good.

Should you not you be secure, two draws a muzzle (please practice in advance) and let it run.

Try it and let the dog sniff itself leash only once. Actually but male and female easily tolerated!

usually be mixed couples understand better than Rueden with male or often particularly problematic 2 females ...

but in general one can never predict ... it always comes in individual cases on whether to like dogs ...

comes on to the essence and the social behavior of the dogs. but works as a rule better than two animals of the same gender!

Yes sure if like both :)

Thanks :) I thought villt. does it matter what

Clear - are has nothing to do with the Operational engagement

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