To what extent a HÜ countervailable

My case: Our computer science teacher wrote an unannounced HÜ in which, except for a highly gifted students, all knew nothing. Accordingly HÜ for all remaining falls ill from (0 - 2. MSS points). Is the HÜ under the circumstances contestable?

Thank you in advance for helpful answers! :)

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Hues may be written notice. there is a notice requirement only in classwork.

No certainly not, because you have prepared in class to appear. A HÜ is no more and no less than to check whether you have prepared the hour, or the substance of the last hour have repeated again. The teacher would have to query someone verbally. Perhaps you can learn for the next time it.

What can the Lehhrkörper for when the students the material does not get into the series? There git HÜ

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