Today's means in the space research, someone knows a site for it or something similar?

Hello! Soon I will make a presentation on astronomy above subject. However, I find on the Internet hardly lists of research methods that I could install. Does anyone know a website for it or something similar? Would be nice,

Thank you in advance

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Hello skypergo,

I am not exactly clear what you are looking "means in the space research" you mean

  • how much money is spent in about (ie funds)
  • or which instruments are used?

What part of "Space Exploration" You mean? Exoplanets, dark matter, stars, galaxies, solar system, ...? Because you need sometimes very different instruments. Are you sure that is not too much to list it all?

I take the question now times on that it comes to the instruments:

For DM orR neutrino research You have to call a few earthly Teilchenexperimente to illustrate the times. The results at the LHC are very, very important for our understanding of the universe. The discovered at the LHC Higgs boson, for example, might get a central role in the understanding of the Big Bang. For that reason alone you'll hardly such lists. Since all experiments are important.

Then the question would be: At what stage your presentation running? For a short talk I would definitely limit.

So as a brainstorm: How would I approach the subject?

So rough outline:

distinction in

  • manned space (Apollo, MIR, ISS), subordinate role
  • earth based telescopes (VLT also ALMA)
  • Space telescopes (Hubble, Kepler)
  • Satellite (see example from the chapter "Astronomical Satellite")
  • Spacecraft in the solar system (Voyager, Viking, Pathfinder, Curiosity, LRO, New Horizons, Rosetta, ...)
  • Teilchenexperimente as LHC, Kamiokande, CRESST

Not necessarily in that order. But not simply enumerate, then kan none which present underneath. You would have been at each unit to work out what it can do and what tell us the data. You must as necessarily focus on how important it is to observe in different wavelengths when it comes to the satellites and telescopes.

Last could you a speculative (!) Afford views of the gravitational wave astronomy ...


But this is a very broad area. Go nevertheless times a library, there you will surely find something on the subject.

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