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I have two residents in TDL, which were quite normal friends (Funny) .Then, the boy falls in love with the girl and asked them whether they be together wollen.Aber the girl has dumped in. Then they were just about two days a bit more friendly (mostly funny ...) But then they were suddenly best freunde.Also the girl had extremely in the familiar and the young they as familiar something. And now after calming week he has extreme than Unersetzlich.sie still familiar. Can they still get together, or SIMD they now forever best friends? I would like so much that they come together Ps Sorry for the long explanation;)

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That's all random Because, let's assume you start the game he / she wants a relationship (boyfriend / girlfriend) it can happen that he / she is dismissed when you at last save point re-start the game, it may be that he / she has congruency and does not succeed, reboot again he / she has success they come together.

As I said, it is pure coincidence the fires probabilities, oh the less residents more likely the two determine Mii's come together.

Yes, they can still come together that was at my place exactly and now they are together

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