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Hello community, I want to build something muscles in the next 4-5 months and degrade simultaneously bold ... I train only at home and would continue on good practices for all areas of the upper body forward (legs go every day of Myself) also I absolutely need a nutrition plan ... I am personally a mixture of HIIT cardio and ...

But how many endurance training and how often training?

For me, I'm 1,75m and weighing around 62kg at the moment and have a KFA of about 18-19% My goal:. KFA Max 12% (desired 10%) and as much build muscle (especially in the shoulders and Upper body)

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I would recommend you to buy the book "Fit without equipment" by Mark Lauren. Since there are so many exercises in there that you can do at home, and it also addresses the complex interplay of diet, rest and exercise. You can also look at some workouts of him on YouTube. Then you have a slightly better idea of ​​training :)

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