Tooth extraction [braces]

Good day, I will soon get a fixed brace that problem is for it to be pulled a tooth, which is intended to compensate the braces again. It's the 4th tooth from the center to the left, so the first instrument you will not particularly sees no idea what that is in technical language. I need me there to worry and if they do, I shall seek me a second opinion, and what should I tuen? Are me as rather uncertain ^^ Thanks in advance for answers

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This is often like that. But if it does not "like" you (would I not), get a second opinion. Perhaps there is a way, without having to pull the teeth.

I also had two teeth are pulled because the braces front teeth pushes behind for just space is needed.

That's normal that are drawn, the two teeth, the space is needed. Later, the gap again.

If you are you so insecure, then get yourself a second opinion a. I had braces for time but also two or three teeth pulled

Hi, I have been drawn 2 teeth even before my braces and it has hardly hurt getan.Du get an anesthetic and then you realize almost nothing more. Hope I could help you :-)

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