Toothache by tartar?

Hello everybody, I have for some time after a meal or while the food was very bad pain in the teeth. Time on the top right, bottom right and left up and down. My dentist said my gums were very red and we should consider to remove tartar. However, I would then get more syringes, because otherwise too much hurts. My question is whether the pain because ever come from tartar? thus Does anyone out? Thanks in advance for all helpful answers :)

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You have a massive gingivitis. Therefore, the pain. If you have ZA proposing to remove the tartar with stunning, no tartar is certainly many years been removed and your oral hygiene will not be the best. Let you quickly make an appointment for cleaning teeth and let you explain how to properly brush your teeth.

If the tartar is too much, it can push back the gums and cause pain, so ask someone to remove this regularly. I would follow the advice of the dentist and can optionally do with anesthesia.

Remove to tartar stun? I think your doctor speaks of what Andrem namely a periodontal treatment or the like. I would have another word with him and let explain that right. Alone because you can not settle with one stun tartar. (It benefits are so settled in a specific procedure and the services must match) stuns you can only work with certain benefits are calculated as a tooth removal or other things.

Your dentist should familiar with it already. And if one removes tartar, with me would not be considering thing. That I will always do when I go to check, if that is available.

If the dentist already suspected, then what do you expect from us laymen for an answer?

Lasse do it and he will then surely also view the rest of your dentures.

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