top 10 of the most important dog commands !?

What are the top 10 commands for dogs?

The best answer

"Come on," so that he can even walk freely

"Off" so you can interrupt unwanted behavior and can relieve him of something if it could be dangerous.

to keep him, "Stay" at a certain point / me

Heeling, not necessarily linked with a command but just walk on a leash tug without active.

Those are the only things in my eyes every dog ​​mt which command whatsoever, must learn reliably.

There are of course infinitely more usual to more or less exercises and commands which will make life easier, demanded in sport and normally or easily trained for intellectual employment is vital but it is not.

Whether I now come 10 I do not know, but I find that when walking, sitting, space, stay and be used out of dog owners quite often. Therefore they have indeed a certain importance. :)

The wichtisten commands are: Come-Stay-off seat-run walk-seat .. other commands are rather small games or dressage.

Stop - The dog needs on a curb and in dangerous situations or when he wants to start strangers, like get to hunt or whatever might harm him or others like a one standing when he hears that word! For his own safety!

! Ela The Greek word for "come on!" - But sounds softer;)!

Wait - This is a clear mandate for the dog, which he understood well. Never leave the house alone, without giving the dog that job!

Off - If he does something unwanted, eg outside want to eat things that you do not trust, he must then respond immediately - he should even can take things from a child as soon as he hears the word!

Place - Does he respect when peace is announced, for example, in the restaurant, in the car, at home when he is in the way - but is seldom used because the dog often himself knows how he has to adapt to each.

On - The opposite of course!) - Is always reciprocated happy :)!

Ab - If he wants to start me

Hopp - When it somewhere to jump on.

Look - if I want to draw his attention to something.

Search - If it makes him fun to track things as popular game!

These requests, which I do not regard as commands (never cry in a commanding but would not mince words or encouragement, except perhaps stop! Wenn's times tough is ...), serve either the safety of the dog or spontaneous attention to him on things make without much around it to have to talk - which is of course in addition also occurs).

But mostly rich already eye glances and hand signals - then all the words are unnecessary :)!

My dogs do not know any commands or commands, they are not soldiers. I almost did not speak with the dogs, they know a few shouts and whistles and mainly they know my body language and I her. Our communication works like in a pack, not as between commanders and command receiver.

Conclusion. There are no top 10 commands and when, they are usually unnecessary.

dogs need ansprache, not dictate ..

white the dog, what you ask of it, you can send all my body language, hand signal or quieter ansprache.

top dog would be understanding, flop are asking those

Experience has shown that has waiting the signal from us! Proved the alltagstauglichste ... ^^ Followed by No !, hau da !, Give out !, let 'it !, sit here !, !, space !, search! and - very important show The latter refers to wounds or ticks on your dog!.

... When I look at the so read through I think: What a poor dog ... ^^

His most important and dearest signal is rattling the feed bowl or the Klingeling when I take the leash off the hook! :)

Stay, Here / Come on, off, mugwort, sit, stay, still, go; possibly Bring, Give paw (in the case of dressage) 10 if indeed should be.

The question did you have to ask really? Did you find on the Internet the answer? xD

Mugwort, seat and be silent no more needs a dog

The 10 most important commands?

let touch 0. yourself everywhere

1. From (spitting what is currently in the Schnüss)

2. (refrain activity he is doing) No

3. Here (come to me)

4. Waiting (oneself from the current location does not move)

5. run on the loose lead

6. Estimates (dog running straight at full gallop)

7th place

Me 8 Alone

9. In the Box / car / pillow

No, here, stay out, sitting, space ... more my do not really need.

The rest are spielereien

No, Off, Stay, foot, Come, and seat are the main commands that a dog can musszum everyday coexistence. The rest is fun dressage.

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