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Good evening, in just under 4 weeks with us in Bavaria extent and the German Abitur is pending. But now to me is still the question of what sort task I should take. So I just wanted to hear your opinion: Would you prefer a fictional text (analysis of a drama, poem or prose text) or the text-bound discussion select (transnational task)? What do you think is appropriate for a student who previously in the exams (2x drama, prose 2x) always had the 5 points? Can you get more points in the Eröterung?

Thanks in advance!

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Both types of tasks that you have introduced or you want to take, are "heavy" ....

I finished school this year in Ba-Wü and my German teacher always told us the text bound discussion take only those who are ill and who can not write and know precisely the auditor.

And in the fictional text, so the analysis / interpretation of a prose text, or anything else, there are two possibilities: Either you're on the right track and interpret the text (+ the cv of the author and his circumstances) exactly as the "Solution "pretending or are you completely write on the wrong path and then you can start typing in the finest German and you will not still achieve many points .....

BUT, you have the decide for yourself what is right for you !! I advise you, however, that you should prepare yourself for many topics, in the case that you do not is the subject of the tasks !!!

For example, I made poems although I never thought that I will take the poems

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