Topics for a monologue?

I need more subjects for my english monologue as it is only 2: 30min goes. But I need at least 5min. Thank you in advance :)

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Themes for your monologue:

Picture or photo Description

- Name, address, place of residence, nickname

- Age, height, hair and eye color, strengths and weaknesses

- Family: mother, father, siblings, ages, occupations, etc.

- Apartment / house / your room

- Hobbies

- Club

- Favorite book, movie, author, actor / in, color, eating, city, country, etc.

- School: classmates, teachers, favorite subjects, timetable, school, etc.

- friends

- Future: Education, (dream) job, family, children, home / house, car, etc.

- Best / worst holiday

- Best / scariest gift

- Best / worst experience

- If I were a millionaire,

- If I were chancellor,

- If I were king of Germany,


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