totally helpless? what does he want?

Hello, determined you read those posts often or similar but I beg you to help me, I do not go on.

It is about a work colleague of the film works in front of me at the plant next to me. Three weeks we had time together layer and got to know something and found ourselves randomly turns into a single app, and began to write, exchanged after a short time mobile numbers and wrote about Whatsapp on. We both quickly realized it is good for us when we are together watching a movie and just relax. No sex, no commitments and no. After the third night, he began to kiss me and we had even sex (the evenings before we only had us huddled together, more was not). Well and with the time we had met more often and looked NEN film and it was also what .... My problem now is that he wrote to me some weeks ago that he met another woman and introduced her what could but simultaneously he wants to have sex with me. When I asked him once what because the other woman would be what's going on and he blocked only from, lay down, hugged my waist and said it did not matter then I asked him again and he said it was complicated.

so and now I stand there and do not know what to do? The whole end? Or did he mean by the other woman one probably me but is too shy to tell me?

I appreciate any response from you but please only serious. I'm really at a loss, and even over 18 and have some experience but with this guy I did not look through!

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I myself am only eighteen .... But to me it sounds like a modern "exploit" to. Some men know just to play with her charms and how attractive they affect women. Some (or even determines many) men are afraid to be alone and see it as a challenge, always a woman or to have multiple ... of course nothing serious especially something very casual, where hardly play a role feelings.

If I were you would contact or set the meeting, because women are not there to exploit them, neither emotionally nor sexually.

I hope I could help you a little bit.

Nevertheless, "good luck", if you can call it that.

I think he tried what to do with the other. You're the he in the hindquarters has if it is nothing. Put it before the election and I ask in the face what is perhaps running is all a mistake! Good luck

That's when the other is not so far and considers the opportunities and thinks that he does not want to lose, so he was in the end garkeine more .. I would break up with him, wennman can call in your relationship status that. ,

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