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Hey, have soon for one year a foster dog. She is a Yorkie mix, and has long fur. Today I was the first time with her at the hairdresser. Has quite well so far worked only on the feet, especially at the front, she can hardly make. It took forever and the little one was extremely stressed. Did any of you a few good tips as I teach her best can to leave halfway endure? So that it keeps silent and it is something less stressful for them. best regards

The best answer

until the next time you get used to the slow sieganz berüghrung the paw. fang to a object, the serve small and not hard .A piece turned .streich so slowly and only very briefly on the top of the paw. if she endures without the wegzuzucken, try it under the paw of the bale .jedesmal iff it does not shrink, you reward them with a small Leckerlie or even mi silent priiiiima say.

you can very carefully with the servuette first start on the body and then come to the paw. üb mi ye also touch on muzzle or as if they would get blood taken with a Stifft. but slowly and without bedrängen.goooel sometimes under medical workout in net.

duration of the paw you can af also apply a bandage scissors ,, without cutting course to good success also ultimately times cut --but a little hair later - quite the end of the m trainigserfolges.

Where can I leave my brush in spring time hab. And cut the belly fur, trousers ears and paws have let, it was my also thinks so uneasy. Best go with pure stand in front of the dog, take liverwurst (which works wonders) with :-) and believe it is the dog Duringthe whole visit to his nose. always press something out of the tube, so the dog is distracted and connects Dog Barber, with something positive. And quietly persuade the dog. This helps super. Not respond to the stressed behavior or scold the dog. Stay calm by slow Bewegungen..und quiet talk with the dog.

Vllt you try the goodies or treats for the dog. However, it was also the first time for the dog as I've Got !? Then he will certainly need a little calmer the second time around. But will be happy to go through the a dog certainly never.

So on the feet is also totally my ticklish :) I have my cut from the beginning itself. Most in the summer when it is warm and we took a long walk. Then it goes quite well. PS: with NEN treat in sight went 2-3x cut as if by itself. Now I need only say "make Schick" and show comb + scissors and she throws herself immediately to the side, stretching all 4 of itself and would be total. Sometimes I get the impression she is totally vain: D If it begins again to fidget, I need to tell her just "treat" and show it ... then immediately is calm.

how can I teach her best to make the fare reasonably about themselves? So that it keeps silent and it is something less stressful for them.

can wean you something not mean you can just calm interjected on the dog and another person should thereby also hold the dog.

Many dogs are on their paws extremely ticklish and get nervous when taking the paw and the scissors touches. It may also be that the dog has made cut bad experiences when claws and reacts out of fear that. Patience, calm and exercise are required here.

Many gudis and moch more patience it will be better with jedemmal

So for TA visits are uncomfortable because as pending or similar ne vaccination, I use the intermediate bridge for such things I would Clickern that works great and the dog learns the fact that he absolutely nothing bad happened here ...

Here's a video on how to clicker something and similar things:

practice practice practice

have and patience.

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