Training as a commercial pilot in the lh ?!

Hi people unzwar I have my Abi with a cut of 2.1 unzwar I ask the following ready. I wanted to pursue a pilot training. I just got on the Lufthansa inquired I found a topic that has to do with the employment test. The intended nähmlich be very difficult. Should I not rather do private training and as my opportunities would then have to compete with other airlines? Do you know of yourselves you have some tips?

_Thanks in advance :)

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almost everything closely - 1) When LH is at the moment - and that is for the next 2 years. What is meant here is the LH-passage; with German Wings and CityLine you'd have time to look.

2) Have you ever taken the online test? A (useful also for pilot candidates) of LH, one of DFS and one of SPHAIR, the joint training program of the Swiss Air Force and Swiss Airlines.

3) You can, of course, the formation of one of the 80 private flight schools make (for a list see the LBA). Just what happens when you can not manage the training? Then the coal is gone! Item 2 is the application after successful completion of training. Right now the market is saturated - OK, how it will look in 2 years, no one knows. But you have indeed received the registered in the license type rating - it is always only valid for one year.

How you do that? Have you for a plan? Then happens that the airlines of a "Ready Entry" almost always require several hundred hours of flight experience on a large pattern. Have no major equipment, ie passenger plane, which must be flown with 2 pilots are (a so-called. MPA) in the license, it is, well, not impossible, but expensive. And Your Medical, which is valid for only one year, you must also get the way.

No, makes sense in the current situation only training at an ATO, in the stands behind an airline. The airlines themselves should indeed make no basic flying training, but the training must be strictly separated from the flight operations. Therefore, there is the LFT GmbH at Lufthansa AG and the TFC buyers in food for the Air Berlin or just SPHAIR for Switzerland. Why do not you at BA after their "Future Pilot programs" to bring even another airline into play.

In addition, the selection tests BEFORE the start of training are made. Can you make not, at least you have burned no money. but are applying You have as RE, include setting test, an assessment and a simulator check for competitive examination; so it's not easier, but even more difficult because of the Sims. You are fall in performance, you have to ask yourself what you can do better at the next airline. But this you sit the training costs in the neck, if you're not exactly wealthy innately.

My advice: Inform yourself at 3 or 4 airlines on the pilot profession; even with regard to the training - there is a specific airline (keyword MPL) "ab initio" with underwriting or on the setting conditions for ready entries. The time spent is worth it.

Good luck!

You can of course a PPL (A) make, just so do not come to Lufthansa.

I guess: the ATPL it has to be, otherwise waving Crane Air wearily.

A pilot training is very expensive. Try it on the Bundeswehr. However, the entrance exams are very difficult. Physical, Psychological testing. You can not be wearing glasses, must be able to multitask.

Of course, the tests are difficult, the job is also not without. If you already squeeze your of responsibility, I will rather not put in a flier that you fly.

Since you have a health examination You machen.Wenn you insist you .hast already won.

In a pilot site all pilots come at Lufthansa hundreds of applications, at Lufthansa that I know were a Abi with 1.0 - 1.2 taken. Test just once, but all your hopes I would not do myself.

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