Training cancel what happens then?

Hab in january my training as Verkäferin started but have noticed that this job makes me no fun and there is nothing for me. Have to go through before the trial period and then terminate. what happens then ? and how it goes from whom I cancel or my boss announces me I have more right or how it is?

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Search you very quickly what new, if you do not want to go through. You can stay as long there, until you have another thing, then you also get money. Once you then something new, did you cancel in time and start to the new training. Will probably be nothing more before the summer holidays.

Before you cancel something, you should perhaps worry, what will you do then instead. sit around and loaf around at home is in fact in any case, a stupid option. As long as you ncihts to connect you, you should nix announce which are banned. ALG1 you get when you have not been worked before, then that is not and Hartz4 you get for 3 months locked when you cancel itself. Child support, if you have to claim it in training, falls without training away also.

I know many who have bitten by the teaching just to have no broken education. They were then held well in school had there all ones and all. But it is your decision whether you want to have an interrupted education.

Find yourself a different place and cancel if you have signed the contract.

"Have to go through before the trial period and then cancel. What happens then?"

Huh? What's the point? Grade this is indeed the trial period there. Break from the training and pick another.

I would cancel during the trial period.

Then you have to you but what new look.

What happens then? Either you look for something new or prepare yourself to your Hartz4 career.

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