Training for dog trainer and work on the side?

I have planned next year to make training as a dog trainer. I know that the IHK offers something and that this is very expensive. Well thought vllt there are offering such training dogs schools. The question is only what I then casually working. I learned tiermed. Assistant, am due a year abroad but get out of the profession. I would also like to make a trainer or training for natural horsemanship and had one probably deliberate. to search in the area ever for a job. As you can see I am in the moment in a bind and I hope one of you can help me out of there. Danke schon mal and Happy

The best answer

refers your question whether you must work alongside your training? or whether you instead prefer a dog trainer but natural horsemanship want to be a trainer? in my view, is both. Do you have to decide what you love more :)))

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