Training in industry or the public service?

Hello everybody! I have 2 training offers: 1. electronics technicians at Stadtwerke 2. electronics technicians for automation technology in a very large industry Now I've often read that one is safe from dismissal as in the industry in the public sector, but in the industry, I deserve a bit more. Where the work is more relaxed? I've also read that one then possibly in the industry with an education in the public service later no longer welcome, just reversed. Where better to make a career? I can not decide simply, you can give me advice? AudiGroupFan Sincerely

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The secure job in the public service, there are no longer as many believe in this form. Again you can be fired.

Lt. TVÖD one is irredeemable when you reach the age of 40 and worked at least 15 years with the same employer. (Applies but only for the tariff in the west).

Furthermore, it has a higher income outside the public service.

While it is true that the work go much quieter and more relaxed in the public service. But everyone should decide for themselves what it is important - if you want to have a quiet life or a good income.


So basically I would say that you in the industry have a greater chance of wider knowledge to apply. Simply because the industry adapts quickly and more frequently to the latest technology and new challenges arise. In addition, the income opportunities are better there. Benefits in the public service are the working hours are just very tight and you definitely do very little overtime must, you can then take the same again. I also think that the work in Öffdienst sure is, when you look out 20-30 years, but that does not really Are you interested in at the beginning of your professional life.

I would think about where the takeover chances are higher. With us in the public service is formed as needed, d. H, that is also taken after training. In the industrial trainees are unfortunately often cheap labor, which will be replaced after the formation of new, cheap trainees. However, this need not be so everywhere.

I personally would prefer a secure job more money. It does you nothing if you earned a few years and then much is unemployed. Then prefer a secure job until retirement.

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