Training, muscle building? Duration?

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What if I now begin Suddenly every day 2 hours to train? Will I see results quickly? Or does it take very long?

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You seem to be still quite young. The problem here is that most believe mass, strength and appearance can gain incredibly fast .. That it only important how much and long to train. You probably know that not one more time what you want to work / what exercises you want to do. Apart from that you will in any case can not build muscle, as you probably imagine it to you operate, your age. Here the risk is too great that you hurt yourself / you wear them you long-term damage. But in order to go into what: it requires a lot of work, time, the right training plan, a diet plan and motivation to effectively you have built muscle mass. For you I would, however, not only to say what you should not do, recommend pushups to do pull-ups, squats and sit-ups. This creates a good foundation if you someday want to iron later. Here, you do not even need to train 2h. Generally an effective strength training usually takes only 45-60 minutes. LG

Do first realized that every person reacts differently to adapt. To your subject are in existence for dozens on this page might you look you again prefer to or will inform yourself for us on the internet about it.

Depends on what you train and how.

The first results you see well so after 2-3 months.

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