Training plan good or bad, what do you say ?!

What do you think about this training plan. Thank you in advance.

Monday: Push Tuesday: Pull Wednesday: Off Thursday: Legs Friday: Push Saturday: Pull Sunday: Free

20 sets - Push: 3x incline bench KH 3x Bench LH 2x 3x pulling cable lateral raises 3x KH Shoulder Press 3x 3x Dips Tripzepsdrücken with EZ-bar

12 sets - Pull:

3x wide lat pull resorted 3x barbell rows 3x rowing on cable pulley sitting 3x 3x KH Hammer Curls Curls on pulling cable

16 sets - legs / calves:

4x Squats 3x lunges with KH 3x deadlift 3x 3x Leg Press Calf Raises Sit

The best answer

As such, the plan is certainly not bad, but expandable. If you want to build more muscle mass, the plan is not bad. However, if you more strength endurance workout want I would recommend more repetitions without a break and some exercises without weights (ie only with the weight).

Why legs only 1x 2x a week and the rest? Then rather Push - Pull - legs - Push - Pull - legs - free or Push - Pull - legs - free

6 sets biceps are too much. If you want to isolate the biceps, then a maximum of 2 hard sets. You need the biceps but not even alone train. Do pull-ups and rowing and he is sufficiently trained at the same.

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