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Hi Guys :)

I got myself yesterday and iPhone6 ​​had before the iPhone4. Now I do not know how I get my data like pictures, music, etc. on my new phone. Can me because eventually someone help?

Thanks in advance :)

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use iTunes or the cloud. Just a Back-Up Share (goes beyond the iPhone settings or iTunes), and then create a back-up again when setting up the 6ers.

Detailed instructions, check with the abovementioned grasped the net. "Back-Up Iphone create and restore".

Have fun with your new phone. :)

This should work on iTunes. Once synchronize with a PC via iTunes and then connect the new phone and synchronize again. This should lead to the goal.

Alternatively, can also be synchronized via iCloud if it is in use.

I wish you success.

have Invite your old photos on your PC and invite them again to your new phone :) If you buy music from the iTunes Store, it is automatically transferred when you log in with your data.

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