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Hello, how could the industry of self (not employed) translate? Have something of "Free Worker" gehört..stimmt that?

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'Freelancer' is a common term for the self-employed. Only I do not know if it refers to the German freelancer. That would be only a portion of the self-employed. Traders are indeed independent. Perhaps the term 'self-employed person' would cover both areas.

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Self-employed can be CEOs or freelancers. Not every freelancer is a freelancer. Self-employed (established) doctors, architects, lawyers are as classical freelancers, but not freelancers. Freelancers are rather freelancers that similar work and labor contracts work for companies and institutions; the typical case is freelance journalist.

A sector is a sector. Construction industry, textile industry, tourism, metal industry, etc. are branches, which is a very different kind of concept.

Freelancer for example. Does much as freelancers

No, most freelancer.

This and other translations, check out a good (online) dictionary, for example, in this here.

:-) AstridDerPu

self-employed person, as He is self-employed. helps! "Free Worker" I've never heard.

Explain yourself what you mean in detail. Each operator is an independent contractor.

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