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Hi, I'm from Hamburg and own a West Highland Terrier. Now I want to register my dog ​​at TASSO EV and would just ask where the chip is no.? Is it also in dogs pass?

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If your dog is microchipped, then is the number in the vaccination card or in the papers (pedigree), if it is a purebred dog breed registry. If this is not the case, then it may be that your dog is not microchipped (which can determine your veterinarian and read with a device), then you have him just be getting chipped at the vet.


have also register at Tasso my dog.

You give in TASSO your dates after a while you get by mail a mark similar to a dog tag from the tax office.

Through your exact entries at Tasso Your dog can then be recovered.

Greeting Sunny

If your dog ever chipped? Then you'd have to know where it is listed.

Do you mean in dogs pass?

The stands in the EU passport or vaccination certificate. If not stated there, you can read off the chip at the vet again.

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