Transport the dog in the small car.

Hello my dears,

as you transported for medium-sized dogs in the back seat of a car? I have two medium sized dogs and would like to convey this in my 3-door. The boot is definitely too small.

Hence my question: Bouncing your doggies on the backseat despite folded front seats? Is there really alternatives to dog belts? Eben opportunities the dogs to back without dishes.

Thank you for your answers.

The best answer

if it is you financially possible, I would switch to a combination, or a 3-door, in which you can tilt the rear seats. Then you could the dogs behind a lattice or back in boxing. Had pleasant for the animals ... and by the way also prescribed in Switzerland, that dogs must be secured in the vehicle

you have your dog secure this should be obvious, the case of an accident they fly you through the disc as an unsecured object or a child ... I would suggest you time to go to a boxing manufacturer and should look at that, maybe you can you also take out the bench and customize a blank wooden board, and a grid-sitting behind your and one on the tailgate

traveling to the bowls or to another pet store'll get you a harness for your dog + seat belt, are available for each size. Then your dogs are properly secured, and you can focus on driving :) and all come accidents from A to B :) Lg

It sets the dogs on a well fitting harness with chest pad and connects the existing seat belts with an adapter piece with the dogs, or their dishes ...

Since no rumgehoppst in the backseat ...

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