Travel expenses subsidy of employer settled wrong?

Hello community :) I have a company car, which I get quite normally settled with the 1% regulation. Since 2012 the voluntary driving cost subsidy A / W has been done by the employer now. I mean, I have a net of 3300 + 1% control (420 .-) + W / A € 137 grant. This way I can in compensation from the tax office no commuter tax take longer. so far so good. Now my / or my accountant noticed that my 137.- € W / A grant from the AG, ALWAYS net has also been stripped down !! Is that right ??? The AG taxed yes flat rate of 15% and gets the yes of his control again. I can not make commuter tax apply more !!! I mean, you pull me down net following sums from. 290.- € + 130 € = 420 € (the 1% control what so OK is! PLUS the 137 travel expenses subsidy from the AG. This is in my opinion wrong loud Lohnsteuerhilfeverein. Has anyone experience with? Am I right ? it is now said over three years? the lord of the IDL, leave additional payment immediately, you could do still apply 36 months. Thanks in advance

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