Trouble with arbeitsamt. Get help.

Good day. My girlfriend and I have been a few months only problems with the office and think also they cheat and therefore pay too little. Can you somewhere fetch help? We come from dortmund.

The best answer

Then there is certainly free counseling centers for social welfare because you have to inform you times in the yellow pages or search the Internet a bit!

If you believe that gets you enough, then write here all the important details, then you can evtl.auch you here to help you.

- What is evtl.Brutto / net earned?

- How much does the apartment and is it appropriate?

- How many people live in the apartment?

- Age of the people, as is the family relationship?

- Specify in children age and ggf.Unterhalt or other income

Definitely check from the lawyer you can can inform yourself also on legal assistance in case you have to court

There are counseling centers for ALG II recipients.

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