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Hi I dream almost every night and my dreams are partially true slow it scares me .. why I dream every night ?? I just want to sleep without dreaming something that worries me very ..


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For with that is as I dream every night and every dream of seems realistic to me is an art of divination and also applies a. I know themselves nich what that means but just keep dreaming that's not bad I Höffe I could help you

You dream because you're human. I see in your question no question. Otherwise this topic Discuss with someone you trust.

Sorry but everyone dreams every night .... dreams we need umbdas day seen to process LG

One always dreams! Each night! Every time when you sleep you dream. That can not change. Sometimes you do not remembers, sometimes. But I rather think that you have a déjà vu and do not remember a dream that has come true! :)

Everyone dreams every day .. Just sometimes you can not remember and think you have nothing dreamed .. And that your dreams come true I think sometimes random Lg Tim

With me only that I'm not afraid

The problem I had since I sleep no more I had already eternally no more dreams

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