True or False: TV

I would like to know from you whether it is true that a television thus breaks, if you continuously separates him from power.

Any response would be helpful

Thanks in advance

The best answer

If you switch the TV on off on off on off on off doing so once per second, then the power supply will be loaded twice. The capacitors are still full, did not have time to discharge and will begin charging again. It comes together too much voltage and capacitor bursting. Or the switching transistor receives the charge from the mains transformer and the same time the new charge from the grid. The transistor breaks down! That should not be done. Had some cases where children have done with the power switch and the TV was then out!

If the TV is off, one or twice a day, then it does so even good. The capacitors must not permanently depend on power, and last much longer. EVERYONE should at night disconnect the TV from the power !!!!!!!!!!!

if in the television inferior parts are installed that react sensitively to so-called current peaks and the parts get broken.

otherwise the recommendation is the device on standby to leave helpful for the current industry

Was probably in tube TV so because the capacitors have not discharged in flat screens but that is as far as I can not remember.

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