Try not to overuse I or do you? (Relationship)

Hi Guys,

Now I am already for 3 months in a relationship. My first friend, just as I am his first girlfriend. It's really nice to be with him and talk to him. We live 100km away from each other and have so far always good hingekriegt. Yesterday we were with him at home, because we are always with me. The day was really great. But as soon as we have to get away and separate us, is to me so queasy .. He shows me with his behavior, how much he loves me and he pushes me to nothing. So far we have had no sex, because I somehow not so, the wars not my head. My parents are very very traditionally minded and have told me that if I sleep with him, then he will disappoint me and ausserden leave me afterwards because he got me into bed. And yes, it must be added that when we write, then he writes is not really much. He himself says that he does not want to know every detail about me via Whatsapp, because it's live better. I'm slightly irritated when I days no real "Hello, how are you? What are you doing?" reading wars. It's just a practical joker and writes instead "Shalom, what's up?"

I exaggerate when I expect him to give me a bit more attention virtually, instead of not to look at 2 weeks and to give only one day on a weekend me all his attention?

And how do you feel about sex and tradition? With me everything is much too divided, really do not know what would be really correct. : /

Hopefully someone has answers to the last two questions. Thanks in advance.

Gruss, MissInception "

The best answer

I think that he could ever ask virtually, what are you doing, how are you etc. After all, he is your friend. So I would react the same way as you, I think, even if he has quite "live" with the. Nevertheless. ;) Sex I think first not so important, especially if you're saying that he does not push you. He seems indeed to rich, so try not to think about. A relationship is also so beautiful.

Mausie, I find it normal that you react to everything that way. Just when you is the first time really in love, is normal. In my opinion it is normal when you're in a relationship that you can then also writes. Maybe not now just 24/7, but you have yet words alternate with each other, especially if you do not kann.Das see so often with the tradition and the sex is up to you. It's your life just because you're sleeping with him at some point, it does not mean that he will leave you. Trust in him and in you. Do the right thing, you know what is right. Good luck!

Sex and Tradition

I think that you are doing well should decide what you are doing. You could ask your parents that you took their advice note and you also about doing thoughtless. Then it's up to you on it, it would destroy you if he thereafter make final would after her sex you had? Yes ? - Then wait so. If not, can you do it when you hold it right. You have you stop the consequences be aware and keep in mind the prevention, do not want three weeks later n question of you reading if you could not be pregnant or. : D


I can understand when he says that he does not want you to know about Whatsapp ... however, the question has nothing to learn your status with a know to do. I lead a long-distance relationship and type very much, we do not do, that is think I times vary for any relationship, however, we already ask at least once a day what's going. I do think that we can exchange views on what happened in one day, then - now I do not know how your meeting is rhythm - one does not know that after a certain time and everything.

His reasoning I can not understand, so I would think I times also irritated when he asks not for these reasons, as it is a ..

Every relationship is different. What is "normal" for you, you must know yourself. Some couples already die if they do not write times an hour about WhatsApp, others are annoyed when the partner comes every other day. But guys are often lazy about writing, which must not be due to lack of interest.

For too long you're not still together so, so you do not immediately jump with him in the crate. What happens when it both want and feel ready. The position of your parents but I think is exaggerated. Verars..t you will anyway, but you have someone not even necessarily as binding on the nose. You so emotional blackmail is not really nice. As far as I see you are of legal age, so they can tell you anything anyway.

So though it leaves you because you do not allow any near.

Sex is part of a love relationship now.
Do you came to the world, if your parents have kept their own rules?

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