Tumblr / how you're gonna get follower?

How do you get on Tumblr follower? So I understand somehow not as the principle? On Twitter or Instagram you get through the posted images or Tweets Followers or if you follow someone, but he follows back (?) At tumblr ???? Maybe it can someone explain to me :) and by the way my name is:? Myfavcolourisblack (sorry for advertising: D)

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IN TUMBLR goes NOT TO FOLLOWER !! It's about your own blog has to like it and if he likes other they follow you. Be eibfach actively do what you can find great and eventually find that your blog and follow you. Reblogge just way.

Mach's just like everyone else: follow some blogs, so you good content to have Reblog -> Are you in advance in the activity list of posts. Then you get followers by rebloggten Stuff. So and last you post ven things like photos or quotes and the velinks (eg picture of a car -> are linking with "cars") and to you punish nor hashtags one. All you repeat x-arbitrary and soon you have reached your goal. :)

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