Tumor by's weed?!?

So info: am 15 have previously been few times smoke weed.

Aufjedenfall I smoke weed (kush) and now I have so a slight push on the head (Inside) that could be a tumor or can you even through smoke pot get a tumor? if so what should I do

The best answer

Cannabis is supposed to alleviate the growth of tumors. Especially against breast, lung and brain tumors, it should help. (Just google).

Find but that one should not smoke pot sowiso your age;)

Improbable But I advise you with the smoke pot quit before 18! It is very very harmful for the brain in your age as it is still developing, it also reinforces the psyche later times when looking forward easier to become addicted! So do not touch!

I can imagine nich, I think also nich that if one smokes pot often a tumor or the like gets. In my opinion, the main lesions are the weed on nicotine when one smokes pot with tobacco, otherwise grass indeed used as medicine ..: D

Clear. May be. Depends on what you "a few times" mean by. The dose is the poison. And when did you smoke weed? Tumors usually show until months or years after symptoms. Emphasis on usually. Can also be something else;)

Tumors like and often develop by particulate matter in the air, caused by heavy metals, junk food, nicotine, alcohol ...

Cannabis, however, is better known for some cancers to be effective against the disease. Cannabis causes for example the so-called. "Apoptosis" (google) ...

This can you just answer a doctor

With 15 it is best not even smoke pot.

Tumors not caused and it will be either "normal" headaches.

I do not think you can get a weed through tumor. On the contrary, it's a kind of medicine, and is even used in cancer patients. Probably you have become a bit paranoid through smoke pot, but that is determined about it. : p

a few times kiffen gets one determines no tumor. it would still be up to you with the school ready are. how long you have this press because already and it takes way?

Do not think but if you want you to be sure you need to stop the doctor. But honestly: why do kiffst boy? Is totally uncool

Go to the doctor and let the check !!

PS: You're 15 have almost your whole life ahead of you and you KIFFST please stop immediately in order to it that is does not help, it just makes you sick !!!!!!

By weed you do not get the disease lies # Press

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