tumor discovered at dog paw

hi people, have held during dry after gassi, a lump detected on the right front paw of my dog ​​(dsh-mix, w., 4 years). it sits just below the hand clench, is slightly larger than a cherry-stone, solid, immovable, not flushed and pain-free. if one is looking out not recognizable. will of course next week to ta go to simply rule out the possibility that there is something malicious .... hopefully ...: - ((

knows her or do you have for that reason the need antanzen vet? what it could be? have your dog mast cell tumors? how does the diagnosis and incurred costs which? (I fear the cost not unbending, asked only once out of interest!)

So ... who was already like me ...?

schonmal thanks for reply

The best answer

I was already 2 times with my dog. He's now 12. Once there was an age spots and even an awn. I know it's a really bad feeling when you do not know, what it is and I hope that all is well with your dog. not Do not worry too much. Make you can now eh nothing except go to the doctor and hope.

So everything had seemed odd and not "normal" appeared, I have life let my dog ​​always clarify the TA.

Once drüberschauen not cost the earth, a diagnosis ensures you but significantly. You can sleep better and know the worst case, if it is expensive.

If outside is nothing to see, it will probably be an encapsulated foreign bodies. By this we must also not necessarily move when the dog can walk without pain.

All the best for the Fellnase :-)

Must can not be a tumor be a trapped foreign body. Mast cell tumors in dogs, there is a relatively common form of cancer especially in castrated animals (20% more often than in intact animals)

Perhaps only what occurred and encapsulated.

do not go crazy and let draufschauen TA.

All the best for Hundi.

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