Turkish shepherd dog

How much kilo of meat requires the Turkish shepherd dog on the day?

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Honestly, when I look at your question so look at the sort of feed / amount is probably the smallest problem if you anschaffst you a Kangal or Anatolian shepherd dog.

If you already scheiterst to such a question (and one Solte know that the amount of feed at jdem dog arrives to the individual needs) you'll never cope with this very very demanding breed of guard dog. Even minor errors in attitude, rearing and socialization will then cause that you have a very dangerous very large dog later.

Get your very thoroughly familiar with the requirements and characteristics of guard dogs as here http://www.kangalhilfe.de/index.php/karabash-a-co

or one of the other numerous associations for guard dogs in need. The very fact that there are so many of them should be note that Unsuspecting should stay away from these breeds enough.

Body weight - of which 2 to 3%, for example 20 kg dog needs about 400 to 600 g total amount of feed. Of this 20% vegetable / fruit and the rest of flesh and bone.

What is the weight of the dog? But with this average you can roughly calculate the time. Then of course, the man still feeds in addition to performance. A dog that does little still needs little less feed. A dog, for example all day serving a herd needs correspondingly more food.

@ Leseratte77777

Give users Starciel hope here legally and you want to have no such dog.

A dog that is bigger, does not necessarily need more feed.

How old are you? Then the Kangal is still in some states on the list.

Here you have a link, because before you asks what needed a dog for food, you should inform yourself about the breed, whether one can ever be justice.

Also to buy such dogs only at the right breeder and that is not cheap and these breeders should look at very closely. Then we learn there all about the care and WHAT and how much LINING so needs a sheep dog.


NEM dog 60-70KG come as a day up to 2,100 g feed together.

it approx 1500g meat and meaty bones. Power a month about 1 cwt meat

which is to animal different from animal. but remember that the giant animals are (themselves a, 80cm, 65kilo) and therefore has to be paid special attention to education. Kangal need seeehr much space, and a huge land that they can also protect. even the smallest error in the education may cause the later dangerous dogs are, look at the animal shelter or how many Kangal in animal welfare are, simply because, if one should have no idea of ​​their attitude, the finger of.

2-3% of body weight ...

But a dog is in a herd, it can Protect.

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