Turn exemption despite physical health

Hello, I wanted to ask how I can get me a turn for liberation remaining semester, without which I have physical complaints. I'll bullied by my classmates and I do not want the turn teaching participate, it mscht Me mentally ready. I do not want to go to school and nothing. That although I am interested even for school ... without gymnastics I would again joy at the school .... please help me

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go to your doctor of confidence and talk to him about it.

Normally there should be no problem to get a sick note.


I do not know whether this will work or if you can overcome you this, but I could imagine that such a artest gets the psychologists :)

find talk time with a guidance counselor about it that can determine a solution with you.

That can not be sure. Speak to your gym teacher, he is responsible for ensuring that you will not teased.

The only solution is to shine with a special performance. Until you've got the, you just have to hear or throw cool quotes back.

Should not be difficult for you, bullies are usually also intellectually impaired.

sags your teacher

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