TV only works with Samsung laptop, solution?

I wanted my older television of Hyundai brand (LCD, Name: HQL 320 WR) link to my laptop, a Samsung laptop from my family does the TV properly, but with my Alienware 14 is as `` format not recognized''. I use a normal HDMI to VGA adapter from Amazon and a VGA cable because the TV does not have HDMI.

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Hello blandarr,

The VGA interface is not the problem, but the format in which the image data is transmitted.

You have a laptop in the family that works on your TV set. This means that a VGA-transmission is possible.

So I suggest to you that you look at the picture format in this laptop and your Alienware 14 to the same graphic parameters einstellst (same resolution, same format, same refresh rate, even if it does not fit to your installed display and you have a distorted representation get should).

Now takes your TV function. Then you can decide how your Alienware 14 has to be properly configured permanently on a 2-monitor mode with a different format output in the graphics display.

Greetings, Dalko

Your TV set is not VGA can. He probably wants a composite signal over Chinch- or Euro Scart connection or perhaps a Component signal or an optical signal via an optical fiber line.

Your laptop can this og signals but usually do not provide. Therefore, you need an adapter / converter from the laptop signal in one of the above signals.


What AdlerMoo already said in short: Your laptop, digital, your television analogy, you need an adapter of mention before ...


Give me a link to the amazon adapter.

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