TV ratings with families?


I have to do a school project and would like to know: 1: Which channels you look most or your children? 2. At what time looking you or your children?

Thanks in advance :)

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With us, the TV usually from about 18:00 hrs accessible, before I come simply not to watch TV .. I look mainly ZDF culture, ZDF Neo and the ZDF's program, (rare) but also Phoenix, 3-Sat, Arte or ARD regional stations, then mainly NDR ( "Visite" and "Adventure diagnosis") or MDR .. whichever comes, I turn between 21-22 pm.

In addition, I look at Pro 7 the news & the Simpsons, when I have time :)

Films because where they come straight.

regularly: 20:00 News, ARD

Otherwise sometime 7:30 p.m. to 22:00 (but usually only a part of the evening). During the day I do not watch television.

Television is looked at us from about 19.00. Regional Programme on N3. At 20.00 then news on ARD. If somewhere similar a beautiful Reisereportage be seen, my son and I are. My daughter looks rarely far as it is usually ko from school life and needs a lot of sleep. My kids are 11 and 14th

the lower the IQ ..... the more rtl; sat1, pro7 etc seen!

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