TV Samsung T24D310ES No Signal? Help!

Hi, got myself now for my bedroom following screen: "Samsung T24D310ES". This is indeed in possession of the triple-tuner, so I think: "are you simply the coaxial cable to the connector and pressing on the transmitter seeker, but then it runs to 100% by and found nothing ... I have done something or forgot wrong ? such a problem had never: /


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You have the right tuner select yes after your receive path, search the TV using the wrong tuner finds no transmitter.

1. We are not clairvoyant. HOW Do you receive THE SENDER ??????

2. You put the cable into the RIGHT RIGHT connector on the TV and in the wall.

3. You choose the RIGHT tuner and lets him search. In SAT You still have the type of system to adjust.

Hello, can someone tell me whether this TV is the 5V for active DVB-T antennas out?


BEFORE tuning needs to know WHAT the three tuner he should use the television.

The one sets under RECEPTION.

Either "Terrestrial", which is the reception Terrestrial and comes from the nearest TV Tower

or "Cable", if you have cable TV

or "Satellite" if you have connected it to a satellite dish.

Only then start the search.


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