TV search start running, functionality, Perhaps knows someone from there :)

Hello Love Com

I just moved.

Currently tv works look with a receiver, which is connected to the Fernseheranschlussbox. Since the TV I have has an integrated receiver, would have but a simple TV cable range in order to see television or?

Other question: you can buy an HD receiver, and then has the programs to HD or you have to buy something or even be present?

Thank you, I'm in the area just a fix LG

The best answer

So check it out and let a satellite transmitter search run over it. Then you do so, whether and in what quality you can receive the HD channels.

Why you need an extra HD receiver, if your TV has already integrated the satellite receiver?

Which antenna system do you use? DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S? What is a Fernseheranschlussbox?

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