Tyre size Freeride MTB 26 or 27.5

Hi, I have to buy my first Freeride MTB next month in front of me, but I'm not sure if I should a 26er or buy a 27.5er !?

What a tire size you would know me?


The best answer

Depends on. For beginners, I advise in principle tend to 26 "s, because the wheels tend to be more robust and less prone to eight easily. The advantages are the 27.5" it is not so important for beginners now that pace where directional stability, nervousness etc. be important, one must also once reached ... But you put just starting out very often.

And you have to remember that at the Freeride focus on jumps (strictly speaking), and as a shorter, lighter bike is always at an advantage because tricks go faster, you accordingly need less air time.

I would prefer 27,5er. 29ers are too unstable, with 26ern it remains easier to stones, hanging etc. 27,5er suitable for freeriding best.

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