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Hey guys and although I won the last cough to the doctor because of my going for a long time so I was already often with him about it. Now I have to clarify a letter of referral to Pulmonology obtained (Pulmonology?) The same evening I got my mother went to the doctor and I remembered that I forgot the doctor to say that I also have problems with the Atmnung through the nose, so have I also discussed with the other doctor and he gave me a letter of referral to ENT given (ear, nose and throat specialist times I think: D) is now the question can I go directly to the otolaryngologist or appearances Pulmonology for another expert (who has been with us weng farther away) ENT but also deals with the lungs?

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I would go even to two doctors, one is holding specializing in the lungs! The otorhinolaryngology physician can you also say something but do not like the pulmonologist with security! Better safe than sorry, and if you come to see a doctor more, it will cost you a little time, which should be to cope with!

One is a pulmonologist, the other an ear, nose and ears Arzt.Also two different Richtungen.Der ENT doctor is not responsible for the lung

ent = neck, wet, ears, pulmonologist = pulmonary medical specialist.

if I have understood correctly, you have 2 bank transfer certificates. one for ent and a pulmonologist for. So you do both physicians an appointment and going there.

An ear, nose and throat doctor does not address it in your lungs. What he treated already says the name.

That other makes a pulmonologist.

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