UK order should I note what?

Hello ! I would like like something out of order by GB ebay but you have since observed something? Or pay customs? (Item costs 55 Euro)

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therefore, no duty is levied on purchase.

However, the UK has not the EUR as currency, so you need to watch the conversion rate and to consider whether the purchase still worthwhile. it finally come to shipping costs.

note is the usual: as the article describes what to show the photos, which reviews the seller has received, etc.

in GB seem regarding the seller. the article description to be attached quite short. the most I saw were a few lines flowing text - so not even heels or so, so you can read better.

Britain is in the EU. How to know this country, examined all their politicians feel equal suppressed when you do something together. So they have to each legislative package smaller - taken out specifics, but make the consumer's life more difficult - politically insignificant. Thus, z. B. English for defects in relation to the other EU countries relatively high deviations. Just in case So you have yourself with the local legislation rumschlagen.

You have you voher the "Gestze" of Britain read because it could happen that it is intercepted by customs because you did some thing wrong

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