Unangeleinter dog grabs my on ?!

I always go secluded lanes with my dog ​​and often always different .. and since short I see more and more often a man running with his dog without leash around there, and if his dog sees my picks of my always on, then I try always to push the other dog away and try to run away because my dog ​​is not without at something ... but, well .. may the type that at all with my dog? I mean who gives nothing. of the looks easy and laughs ...?!

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Each of a dog should know that you take your dog on a leash when another dog is leashed to see. Unfortunately there are some who think they do not need this, it also my annoyance it before. Say to the man at the next time, your dog has fleas. But you can also take an umbrella and get the other dog started you open in his direction the screen, but should advance with your dog practice not get your dog fear.

if you encounter the man the next time, tell him to leash his dog. actually he would have to after the experience with you to do on its own, but it is too insensitive offensictlich that even noticing. I leash my dog ​​from when a unangeleinter dog to come to us and have never had difficulties however. but we also all dogs have a long zeil the socialized therefore better in the dog school, perhaps and the "angriffigeren" with which they can not roam freely.

A dog does not hear or is not accessed, not free to walk around.

Very easily.

If me such a dog would come to meet, then the owner would have a huge problem, because my can not cope with other dogs and as soon as it comes to a close, she barks like crazy. That means for me, we go backward in the training. Accordingly, I would grab my dog ​​and the guy fiddling times my mind. If this would happen again, the clerk's office or the veterinary authority is turned on.

Can not probably be that someone even enjoys it, as his dog like other dogs and their owners bleästigt or even really attacking.

There is always, if anywhere, other dogs or people and the dog does not stop at one, then belongs leash this dog.

Now it depends on what is meant by "attack"? My dog ​​always wants to secure, for example, equal to the upper hand. Looks always goofy but it does not really matter. Teeth showing and growl and such. Then he notices whether he wins or loses, then dips again. Does the getting started on your? Then I would appeal to type this time. call emergency Ordnungsamt.

I run away from no dog - because it works mnicht.

However, I also have no strange dog at my girls. Hift anbrüllern he has nothing mnich overcome until I step deliberately and with full force - not beautiful, but better than that happens my weas.

Of course, only if talking does not help

Your dog can defend themselves not at all on a lead you? You then teaser ableihnen him

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